Eagle Trek 2018

Let's be sure to remember the "Fun" in Fundraising!


Eagle Trek is not only a fundraiser - but also a great way to build a sense of community spirit at Evansdale.  All students (close to 700!) receive an Eagle Trek T-Shirt and all students participate in the Walk-a-Thon! On the day of there is music, cheering, snacks and prizes!

This year, to keep our students motivated over the four-week fundraising campaign, we are recognizing any student who brings in a donation of at least 50 cents on Wednesdays (9/19, 9/26, 10/3 and 10/10).  Students who bring in 50 cents or more (or a note from their parents showing online donations/checks) to their Homeroom Teacher on Wednesdays will receive a colored jelly bracelet for that week. Students who collect all four colors will receive a prize at the end of week 4!

Let's help our kids collect the rainbow of wristbands!  Even $1 or $2 each week will go a long way!

Tips for Raising Money

Ask everyone you meet to support Eagle Trek 2018. Ask them for $10 or $20 - small amounts can make a difference! Ask neighbors, family and friends. What about co-workers, your mail carrier, your clients, your realtor, your favorite storeowners and others you interact with regularly? Let people know how special Evansdale Elementary School is!

Attire for Eagle Trek

On the day of the event, remember to have your student wear their Eagle Trek T-Shirt! These will be sent home the day before the event. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and shorts along with sunglasses and a hat or other sun protection. Teachers and volunteers cannot apply sunscreen at school so remember to put it on at home!

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