Eagle Trek 2017

Welcome to Evansdale Elementary Eagle Trek!

Our Fundraising Goal




What is Eagle Trek?

Eagle Trek is a thirty minute Walk-A-Thon.  Every student, from Pre-K to 5th grade, will put their effort and energy on the line in this fundraiser.  Individual students and classes will compete to collect pledges from family and friends. Eagle Trek a tremendous benefit to our community students and a core pillar of our schools identity.  We invite you to take part in helping our children Find Their Super Power!

Click "Find Student/Walker" to search for a student and DONATE TODAY!

All donations are 100% tax deductible

Proceeds from the event and sponsor contributions will benefit both the Evansdale PTA and Education Foundation.   These organizations invest in teacher training, classroom technology and resources, enrichment materials, and additional staffing not provided by the county.  The benefits of these investments are felt by Evansdale students each and every school day.

Perhaps the best part is that we keep more of the money you pledge right here at the school. Kids have done a great job with catalog sales or other items for purchase in previous years and at other schools, but a portion of those proceeds are shared with the managing company. By joining forces, the PTA, the Foundation, and our students are making this happen at our school, and all of the proceeds stay here.

Be A Leader, Be A Friend!

Our theme for the 2017 school year is Be A Leader, Be A Friend!  Every day is an opportunity to be a leader and be a friend!

Will you help?

Click "Find Student Walker" to search for a student and pledge on their behalf. You will be helping our school, keep our kids active, and help them earn prizes.  Every little bit counts!

Eagle Trek is on October 12th, but donate today!

Click here (or the button on the left) to download an offline pledge form.

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